Delivery Aggregator?

Delivery Aggregator is the only All-in-one delivery service in Italy: from the creation of your personalized ordering platform to customer service, we cover all the aspects of Delivery.


Got a restaurant
and want to expand your business?


Do you already make deliveries
by phone or by one of the most common platforms?

What do common platforms have to offer:

  • Standard Service;
  • High charges (more costs for you);
  • Loss of value for you Brand;
  • Clients dispersion caused by the nature of a shared platform;
  • Delivery service completely on you;
  • Customer service completely on you;

Taking orders by phone:

  • It requires a lot of time;
  • It needs staff to handle calls;
  • It doesn’t provide any way to track the client’s order;
  • It makes the client order without letting them check your menu;
  • It may let ordering mistakes occur;


This is what D/A can do for you:

  • Customized service;
  • Lower charges (less costs for you);
  • Support and advice on the delivery process;
  • Ordering platform built around your Brand:
    • We will use your colors and your logo;
  • Customer Loyalty:
    • Having your own ordering platform will make your clients return more often;
  • Customer service:
    • The clients will feel like they’re speaking directly to you;
  • Orders and deliveries manager platform (web and mobile);
  • Data analysis, that will be used to promote your business even more;

Our ordering platform:

  • It saves you time and doesn’t require any kind of staff:
    • Clients will be able to make their orders fast and on their own;
  • It automatically gives the client a way to track their orders;
  • It lets your clients order directly from your menu:
    • And it also lets them customized their order;
  • It leaves no room for human errors;
  • It works on AWS to assure the best web service quality possible.

And it doesn’t end here!

Delivery Aggregator can help you in other ways too.



Do you care about your branding? Do you want to improve your business and reach all of your potential clients?


Digital Menu

Do you have a catering activity and you care about your menu? Switch to the D/A Digital Menu in 3 easy steps.

The benefits of Delivery Aggregator

You got everything to gain.


Convertion rate.


More loyal customers.


More monthly sales thanks to delivery.